Change Data Capture (SQL Server) Operation Codes

Column name

Data type




Commit LSN associated with the change that preserves the commit order of the change. Changes committed in the same transaction share the same commit LSN value.



Sequence value used to order changes to a row within a transaction.



Identifies the data manipulation language (DML) operation needed to apply the row of change data to the target data source. Can be one of the following:

1 = delete

2 = insert

3 = update (captured column values are those before the update operation). This value applies only when the row filter option 'all update old' is specified.

4 = update (captured column values are those after the update operation)



A bit mask with a bit corresponding to each captured column identified for the capture instance. This value has all defined bits set to 1 when __$operation = 1 or 2. When __$operation = 3 or 4, only those bits corresponding to columns that changed are set to 1.


The remaining columns returned by the function are the captured columns identified when the capture instance was created. If no columns were specified in the captured column list, all columns in the source table are returned.