Visual Studio missing ASP.NET Web Application (.NET Framework)

16 September 2022 | Viewed 2363 times

Recently I bought a new laptop and installed the Visual Studio 2022 Community edition and noticed that ASP.NET template for .NET Framework is missing. First time I experienced this situation, I installed Visual Studio Professional edition in work laptops, but this template is installed by default.

I did work around, verified my installed components and finally found the solution. To share my findings I posted this article and it will show how to solve the problem.

How to fix missing ASP.NET template for .NET Framework?

Follow below steps, easy and straight forward.
  1. Open "Visual Studio Installer"
  2. Click on "Modify" button for "Visual Studio Community 2022"
  3. Navigate to "Individual components" tab
  4. Under ".NET" section, scroll down to find ".Net Framework project and item templates"
  5. Select checkbox for ".Net Framework project and item templates"
  6. Click on "Modify" button at bottom right of the window.
  7. Wait to complete installation
  8. Launch the Visual Studio
  9. Thats all. Its simple.
Note: Eventhough we installed "ASP.NET and web development" workload, it may not install all project templates. ".Net Framework project and item templates" individual component has to installed to work with ASP.NET Web Application (.NET Framework).

After installing, I launched Visual Studio 2022, clicked on "Create a new project" searched for the "framework" in template search box and it listed ASP.NET Web Application (.NET Framework) template like below.

ASP.NET Web Application (.NET Framework)
Project templates for creating ASP.NET applications. You can create ASP.NET Web Forms, MVC, ow Web API applications and add many other features in ASP.NET.