Articles on CSS and JavaScript

XML Data Binding
Describes how to pull data from the XML file and how to display it in a HTML web page without using any scripting or code.
Dynamic styles changing
Describes how to change the styles of an element or form or a tag dynamically.
Introduction to CSS
This article describe basic introduction about Style and Style sheet like what is CSS?, advantages etc .
How to write styles
This article describe how to write styles by using sectors like Class sector, ID sector and so on.
Applying styles to web
Describe how to integrating and importing external style sheet, applying inline styles and so on.
CSS Shadow Filter for Boxes Images and Text
You can add a drop shadow effect to text boxes or images with the use of the css shadow filter. The use of the css shadow filter can make website design look like a professional template without the use of slow loading graphics.
Refreshing the parent window from a child
Refreshing the parent window or main window from a child