Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

SSIS Package Protection Level
SSIS Package Protection Level property tells SSIS how to handle sensitive information stored within SSIS packages.
Integration Services Data Transformations
SQL Server Integration Services transformations are the components in the data flow of a package that aggregate, merge, distribute, and modify data. Transformations can also perform lookup operations and generate sample datasets. This section describes the transformations that Integration Services includes and explains how they work.
Introduction to SSIS Tasks
SSIS Controlflow tasks explained briefly.
Working with Connection Managers
SSIS uses connection managers to integrate different data sources into packages. SSIS includes a wide variety of different connection managers that allow you to move data around from place to place.
Building Data Flows
The Data Flow tab of the Package Designer is where you specify the details of any Data Flow tasks that you've added on the Control Flow tab
Deploy SSIS Package
To deploy SQL Server Integration Services packages, you use the Package Installation Wizard. By using this wizard, you can deploy packages to one of two locations:
How to import data from Excel to SQL Server using SSIS Package
How to use the new features of SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) to load an Excel file into your database.
Common SSIS Problems and Solutions
Common SSIS Problems and Solutions