Welcome to Venkateswarlu.net

Welcome to my personal web site. It was my long cherished dream to have my own site and something which is quite useful to others, especially in programming. So the realization of this website is a dream come true. It took me so long to put up my own website, A website giving an insight into me, my works, my aspirations and my dreams. Anyway a long way to go...

This website is basically for

  • To have fun with the experience of building and running a website
  • Just need a presence on the Web.
  • To keep a journal of your activities, thoughts and experiences
  • To express Myself


This website is dedicated to sharing quality software and knowledge regarding programming in SQL Server and much more. I would be very happy to receive any mail regarding this site's tutorials, software and source code downloads, and I would do my best to reply to all emails that I receive. How quickly I reply to your mails depends on how busy I am at that time, but also on the nature of the questions that you have asked. The best way to get your questions answered is to be specific with what you write. A well written message will be easier for me to answer than a vague query with little background information.

SQL Server

SSRS - Reporting Services