Employment based Green Card dates for India

18 June 2021 | Viewed 2100 times

Members of the Professions Holding Advanced Degrees or Persons of Exceptional Ability:28.6% of the worldwide employment-based preference level, plus any numbers not required by first preference.

Skilled Workers, Professionals, and Other Workers:28.6% of the worldwide level, plus any numbers not required by first and second preferences, of which not more than 10,000 may be provided to "*Other Workers".

Final action dates for Employment-Based preference cases:
IndiaEB2 EB3
July, 202101-Jun-2011+6 months01-Jan-2013+2 years 2 months
June, 202101-Dec-2010+4 months01-Nov-2011+9 months
May, 202101-Aug-2010 +3 months01-Feb-2011 +5 months
April, 2021 01-May-2010 +3 months 15 days 01-Sep-2010+2 months
March, 2021 15-Jan-2010 +3 months 3 days 01-July-2010 +3 moths
Feb, 2021 12-Oct-2009+4 dys01-Apr-2010+9 days
Jan, 202108-Oct-2009 22-Mar-2010

Dates for filing of Employment-Based Via Applications:
IndiaEB2 EB3
July, 202101-Dec-2011+4 months 01-Feb-2014 +1 month
June, 202101-Aug-2011+2 months 15 days 01-Jan-2014 no change
May, 202115-May-2011 no change01-Jan-2014 no change
April, 202115-May-2011no change01-Jan-2014no change
March, 2021 15-May-2011no change01-Jan-2014no change
Feb, 202115-May-2011+10 days01-Jan-2014 no change
Jan, 202115-May-2011 01-Jan-2014