SharePoint Interview Questions 8

  1. what functionality does owssup.dll provide for client side activities? What is STSAdm and what can it be used for?

    STSADMIN is a tool that can do many things from a command prompt like manage users, create new sites and add files to the file system.
  2. Can WSS search subsites?
    Not without the new CorasWorks Search Web Part.
  3. Can you register alerts for users?
    Not unless you are logged in as that user.
  4. Are PDFs searchable?
    Out of the box only the metadata collected in the upload form is search able. Unless you download and install the Adobe iFilter.
  5. *Describe a large deployment Many front-end webserver with a SQL cluster with the possibility of multiple international locations.
  6. How can you synchronize custom Active Directory attributes to SharePoint?
    Via the Profile Importer.
  7. If it is anticipated that our organization would need to store 1 terrabyte of documents, what is the recommended configuration and storage requirement?
    Multiple front-end web servers with content databases across the server farm. The amount of web-servers can depend on how many users you have and what the typical size of a document is.
  8. Explain how you would deploy SharePoint on an extranet Usually servers that are accessible from external sources are housed in DMZ’s.
    Depending on the requirements and the workflow for publishing content you could go with Multiple Servers hosting the same information. One server would reside inside with the SQL Cluster while the external server resides in the DMZ simply calling data. Security would be handled by the same or different active directory domain clusters as well increasing security.
  9. What is the BKM for maximum number of virtual servers configured for SharePoint on a single box?
    I believe its 15.
  10. what are the migration strategies for moving sites around?
    You could use the SharePoint Portal Server backup and restore tool as well as the STSADMIN and GUI STSAMIN tools. We have migrated databased from the SQL Level and have simply reconnected the front end.