Generate PDF from HTML Using C#.Net

Click here to download the required dlls for generating PDF.

Generate PDF from HTML

First, set a reference in your project to the 3 DLL's that Pdfizer uses. Here are the 3 dll names to set a reference to:

  1. ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll (This component is used to parse the HTML)

  2. itextsharp.dll (This component is used by Pdfizer to create the PDF document)

  3. Pdfizer.dll (This is the main component with the HtmlToPdf object that executes the conversion operations).

Now we can add some code to use this component. Here is the code to generate a PDF from some HTML specified:

// set a path to where you want to write the PDF to.
string sPathToWritePdfTo = @"C:\your_pdf_name.pdf";

// build some HTML text to write as a PDF. You could also read this HTML from a file or other means.
// NOTE: This component doesn't understand CSS or other newer style HTML so you will need to use depricated
// HTML formatting such as the <font> tag to make it look correct.
System.Text.StringBuilder sbHtml = new System.Text.StringBuilder();
sbHtml.Append("<font size='14'></font>");
sbHtml.Append("<br />");
sbHtml.Append("This is my document text");
sbHtml.Append("</body>"); sbHtml.Append("</html>");

 // create file stream to PDF file to write to
using (System.IO.Stream stream
= new System.IO.FileStream (sPathToWritePdfTo, System.IO.FileMode.OpenOrCreate))
// create new instance of Pdfizer

Pdfizer.HtmlToPdfConverter htmlToPdf = new Pdfizer.HtmlToPdfConverter();

// open stream to write Pdf to to


// write the HTML to the component


// close the write operation and complete the PDF file


This component also supports PDF Chapters. You could add a single line of code right before the Run() method to make the HTML specified a single chapter like this:

// open stream to write Pdf to to

// add a chapter for this HTML

htmlToPdf.AddChapter("My Chapter Title 1");  

// write the HTML to the component


Repeat the AddChapter() and Run() methods for each chapter you want to add and then Close() to commit it to the PDF.

Download PDF using ASP.NET

Once the PDF is created, you can dynamically stream it back to the client browser in ASP.NET on the fly as a file download using code like this:

// clear the http response so nothing else is in the stream so we can just isolate the file bits.

// add the HTTP header to tell the browser to accept this as a file. Also, the friendlypdfname.pdf is the name
// of the PDF as you want it to appear to the user (regardless of what it is named in your file system).

.Format("attachment; filename={0}""friendlypdfname.pdf"));

// tell the browser what type of file this is so it can have a mime type associated with it.

HttpContext.Current.Response.ContentType = "application/pdf";  

// pass the path that you wrote the file to on your file system as the parameter to WriteFile()

// end the response and commit the file to the stream


You could put this code in an OnClick() button event or other means that would then stream this new PDF down to your client browser.