New Features in ASP.NET 4 and Visual Studio 2010 Web Development

Core Services

  • Webconfig File Refactoring
  • Extensible Output Caching
  • Auto-Start Web Applications
  • Permanently Redirecting a Page
  • Shrinking Session State
  • Expanding the Range of Allowable URLs
  • Extensible Request Validation
  • Object Caching and Object Caching Extensibility
  • Extensible HTML, URL, and HTTP Header Encoding
  • Performance Monitoring for Individual Applications in a Single Worker Process
  • Multi-Targeting
  • jQuery Included with Web Forms and MVC
  • Content Delivery Network Support
  • ScriptManager Explicit Scripts
Web Forms
  • Setting Meta Tags with the PageMetaKeywords and PageMetaDescription Properties
  • Enabling View State for Individual Controls
  • Changes to Browser Capabilities
  • Routing in ASPNET 4
  • Setting Client IDs
  • Persisting Row Selection in Data Controls
  • ASPNET Chart Control
  • FiltFiltering Data with the QueryExtender Control
  • Html Encoded Code Expressions
  • Project Template Changes
  • CSS Improvements
  • Hiding div Elements Around Hidden Fields
  • Rendering an Outer Table for Templated Controls
  • ListView Control Enhancements
  • CheckBoxList and RadioButtonList Control Enhancements CheckBoxList and RadioButtonList Control Enhancements
  • Menu Control Improvements
  • Wizard and CreateUserWizard Controls
  • Annotation Attribute Validation Support
  • Templated Helpers
Dynamic Data
  • Enabling Dynamic Data for Existing Projects
  • Declarative DynamicDataManager Control Syntax
  • Entity Templates
  • New Field Templates for URLs and E-mail Addresses
  • Creating Links with the DynamicHyperLink Control
  • Support for Inheritance in the Data Model
  • Support for Many-to-Many Relationships (Entity Framework Only)
  • New Attributes to Control Display and Support Enumerations
  • Enhanced Support for Filters
Visual Studio 2010 Web Development Improvements
  • Improved CSS Compatibility
  • HTML and JavaScript Snippets
  • JavaScript IntelliSense Enhancements
Web Application Deployment with Visual Studio 2010
  • Web Packaging
  • Webconfig Transformation
  • Database Deployment
  • One-Click Publish for Web Applications